Learn to smile, every single mile of life!

21151618_1973485679565876_4068117865685765929_n      Tineka has been through IT ALL and  SUCCEEDED! She has succeeded in overcoming  the consequences time and time again! Sexual abuse, poverty, domestic violence, neglect, abandonment, teen pregnancy and two divorced by age 23 and nothing has or will stop her!!!

Some have called her a ” a true force to be reckoned with” others call her their ” Hero” , she herself just wants to see others succeed. She is now an Author, Certified Life Coach and NLP (Nuero-Linguistic Programming)  Practitioner.

Tineka Dawn has spent many, many years and a lot of energy to heal herself and overcome these incredible hurdles, one after another. The biggest struggle she had, was not having the slightest clue that she was valuable. She has been an avid seeker of knowledge and immerses herself in learning and practicing anything and everything about personal mental and emotional development.

Now , after learning an abundance, healing herself and undergoing a full transformation, she’s pumped! She knows her life purpose is to share with you what works, how it works and motivate you to face the hard stuff! MOST importantly, Tineka has a true desire to help you find the VALUE in YOU!

When you are ready to really transform YOUR Life into all that YOU want it to be, you can sign up for her Incredible coaching packages. She has created a completely fool proof strategy and work book that will ensure your success!

“She definitely has done her research. And knows how to help. She taught and told me things to try that blew my mind but it works. She is the best at what she does. And is always there for you. Thank you Tineka for all you do helping people with life struggles.” -Jayce Newton (Coaching client leaves Five Star Review on Facebook)

No one should ever have to face the hard things alone, that’s where Tineka comes in! Its not what you do, or really how you do it, but WHY you do it is the most important. Tineka’s WHY is simply because she has suffered a ton and she would do anything to deliver others from their own suffering.

“I have had the pleasure to know Tineka for numerous years now. Not only is she a great single momma, she is a great role model for all parents , married, divorced, separated, single- all alike- She works and strives hard to be all she can be for her children and to provide for herself and her family. I have witnessed first hand hardships, pains and watched her come out and still shine thru it all. its all in her persistence as a human, to over come– to BE ALL YOU CAN BE! her banner nailed it!” -Tami Woodruff – Five star review on Facebook and dear friend! 

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