When is enough, ENOUGH?

The humdinger of a question that a large number of us frequently ask ourselves. ” When is enough, enough?”  I have asked myself this question more times than I can count and let me share with you why and what came of it.

Sexually abused three times by age twelve had me asking all kinds of things. “why me?” “Is there a big arrow saying pick her?” ” maybe its just written on me?” and finally “When is enough, enough?” . Raising three children all 17 months apart in age, by myself as a single mom with three jobs and a home that seemed to always need fixing.. THIS ONE really had me asking myself , “When is enough, enough” …

Or there is the Normal hard ships of EVERYDAY life, Unexpected bills or more bills than money. Have YOU ever had a day or entire month that everything seemed to go wrong or just be plain bad all around? How about this (insert sarcasm) lovely new world of online dating? OR… those days when your kids wont listen to a single thing you say…

The list of landslides that can have us asking “when is enough, enough?” is endless really and can be applied to so much in life.  The reason for this post, is to let you in on a little something I learned through repetitiously being at this exact point in life.

So… WHEN is enough, Enough ? It is enough when you begin asking yourself that very question. Its enough when you have HAD enough. Now I am not saying to quit because “quitters never win and winners never quit” – Lisa Nichols . Rather, What I am Saying, is that we must decide that we have had enough and that we must do something different to get a different result.


Enough is when you get to the point that ” SOMETHINGS GOT TO GIVE”, that is our most powerful moment. In this moment, we are motivated to change something, anything and sometimes EVERYTHING.  The change may be huge or may be tiny, but change is growth and the best way to grow is to be uncomfortable.

SO if we have reached this uncomfortable moment when enough is enough, we have a very powerful negative feeling right? This feeling is bad and we are about to turn it good, and even better lets turn that feeling into a great one. Here is how, Take that powerful feeling of Defeat and turn it into Determination!

Get Determined and make the changes you need to make. Take that discomfort and instead of seeking being comforted, use it as leverage to grow away from the negative things that cause the discomfort in the first place. This is the moment we stop putting band-aids on our wounds and we HEAL them.

Feeling determined yet ? If the answer is YES but you are not sure where to go next, you can sign up for personal coaching or reserve a seat today to my next event.

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