This happens to be one of my favorite subjects, so I am really excited to write on it!

              Like a lot of us, we have a handful of people around us…….. who tend to inject their bull_shittery into our heads daily. As you know when our head is full of b******* Trash, it makes it a lot harder to achieve the things we want in our life or even just to get a Moment of clarity. When so much b******* is floating around in your head it’s hard to even  concentrate or think, which can make it nearly impossible to relax. dfc0d0d56bab3e30799c72bea3b63cb0--x-rays-nurse-humorThe mass amounts of CRAP only cause more suffering, anxiety, stress… you name it! It is NOT in any way positive. {PERIOD} Keeping the Mind TRASH around ….would be like leaving all of your wrappers, beer cans, pizza boxes all over your house… Great equivalent… huh. 

So here’s my advice to you. I don’t care who it is, whether it is your mom, your brother, your husband, your wife, I don’t care who it is, do not let their b******* penetrate your head! Have your own thoughts and with your own thoughts, you do what you feel deep inside is best for you. Keep those thoughts classy not trashy…. I know some very classy people who have a garbage can for brains… takes them to a whole new level!

Yes, I would definitely recommend that you take into consideration what other people need and what you know, what your presence in the relationship is and what your level of duty is to each of those people. Consider these things to maintain that healthy relationship, however….. if it’s negative bull_shittery get them out of your head.

negative-thinkingThey are not helping you, they are not making your life any better or easier, they’re not helping you function better. I mean, I know most of you can agree that when you have a blowout argument with somebody or you’re really excited to share something and all the sudden all of the feedback you get is negative or it’s not inspiring….. it kind of like dulls our shine for that excitement! You have to admit, it doesn’t feel good and you know that because you have probably experienced it by this age in your life.

So here’s the trick get them out of your head. If you can’t get them out of your head,  then get them out of your life! If removed from your life, hopefully only for a temporary time until you build a tolerance of learning how to keep people’s b******* out of your head.  I mean literally okay, take two minutes to process whatever it is they said if it’s going to be helpful great, keep it ! However if it’s not in any way shape or form helpful or if it’s incredibly bias..bye bye, toss it aside, get rid of it! I mean literally, you can pretend you’re taking your hand to your head, grabbing that crap out of there and tossing it out the goddamn window.time-to-take-out-the-trash

When in conversation with this Negative Nelly, Just end the conversation by saying “ Thanks for sharing”! Yes, it is that EASY, then walk away!  Only when, you can achieve a state of mental Clarity, can you really put the focus of your energy into the things that are going to benefit and manifest the life you dream of having! I promise you will not achieve this as efficiently with 10 different people’s b******* floating around in your head!  They take up way too much of your mental capacity, why would you do that to yourself when you’re trying to achieve things ????

Exactly you wouldn’t, So take out the trash and get them goals set up to smash!

One thought on “The TRASH -n- SMASH

  1. Greg Knight says:

    I think the best relationships flourish when no “bullshittery” occurs between lovers. As in, they are absolutely honest and on the same page with each other!!!


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