With the world tossing her ever obstacle possible, she has overcome it all and fearlessly welcomes anything and everything that comes her way!

In 1990, Tineka was born in utter poverty to a young single mother wrapped up on drugs and her father in prison.  Although Tineka had no control over her what she was born into, she was born a natural leader, fearless and ready to take on the world.

Over the course of her young life, she has faced sexual abuse, domestic violence, abandonment, neglect and so much more.  When Tineka was only 16 years old she became pregnant and at six months along, she married the father.  By age 20, Tineka had three children, all 17 months apart. It was when her youngest was only two months old, Tineka became divorced.

Age 20 , a single mother of three children under three. Tineka worked diligently against all the odds and signed the contract for her first home.  Although she was working three jobs, and had very little time for her children, she was able to preserver.

” I wouldn’t say any of these things have been easy to work through and overcome, but the diligence and knowledge gained has been worth it. In fact, if I could be re born, I would graciously welcome it all again, and hope to be some where close to who I am now” – Tineka Dawn

Who is she now ?

Tineka is an eager and avid pursuer of knowledge, understanding, growth , transformation and entrepreneurship. If being a full time single mother of three wasn’t enough, she also has founded and established three small businesses. Tineka not only owns these businesses but she also operates each one, on the front line and the behind the scenes too!

Everything from marketing to picking up a hammer, Tineka has sought the knowledge and skills required to play so many roles and take on so many tasks.  ” I have always loved to learn new things, but the real reason I began to learn so many different trades was because I couldn’t afford to hire help for anything.  If something broke in or on my home, I had to learn to fix it. If something went haywire with my car, I had to fix it. When my children’s father began a custody battle, I learned to be a pro se attorney… If there was a task of any kind , usually hired out, I had to learn it because I couldn’t afford it. For all in which I am extremely THANKFUL!” 

Although Tineka wears many hats, her favorite and most rewarding is being a mom! Her two handsome boys and lovely little lady are one of the top reasons Tineka does what she does.  16681995_1452649161414403_2921493574463549525_n

” The greatest joy in being a mother comes at two different points for me. The moment one of their faces light up with pride, excitement or just pure happiness, and the moment that are mad at me for raising them to do the hard things, to learn and grow daily.” – Tineka Dawn

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