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Every famous athlete, musician and artist has had an incredible coach and support team. You don’t have to be famous to have a coach, nor do you have to be an athlete, sometimes we just need a coach for this crazy thing we call LIFE! Could you imagine how far you could go with a support system, being held accountable and someone to coach you along? The sky is the limit, or lack there of. Lets get MOVING!

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Get one on one personal coaching with Tineka today! You get to tell her what you NEED! She will guide and coach diligently to ensure you GET the need or desire MET! All NEW clients must schedule a FREE Consult to ensure that You and Tineka are the Right FIT!


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MUST BE HUNGRY, DRIVEN and READY to make the changes to get the things you REALLY want! 🙂

The new Client package is set up to create a good connection and get the ball rolling. Tineka works directly with you through out 9 one on one virtual coaching sessions. This can be arranged via call or video. This Package general takes 3 months to work through all nine coaching calls. During the time frame in which you are working with Tineka, she provides additional support by offering 15 email correspondence and 10 instant messages or text messages to really be there for you! THIS Package also includes a GIFT for giving, ONE hour of coaching to GIFT to any one you choose!

The new client package is designed in a way that really gets your rear in gear towards the results you truly desire. The first session is a really fun, get to know one another session and to dig into what it is that you want. The second session is one where we create and establish some ACTION steps to get you closer to your results. The third and fourth sessions are full of powerful advice, motivation and accountability. The following sessions are support and strategies to keep you on track to obtaining your desired results!  THIS PACKAGE is ONLY for NEW CLIENTS!

When we reach your final coaching session, we get to review and re-evaluate if you would like to continue with some of our other coaching packages! There is ZERO obligation to continue, but be aware, once you work with Tineka once, you will want her by your side for all your future endeavors!


Welcome Aboard! The Entire Description of this Amazing life changing coaching package is above 🙂 I am so excited for you to begin this incredible journey full of support, love and motivation! Other Payment Options are Available at a slightly higher cost. Please Contact Tineka To arrange one of the following options. 2 Payments of $565 Grand Total $1,130.00 3 Payments of $380 Grand Total $1,140.00


Hourly Coaching

One on ONE 1 HOUR–  THIS IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO RETURNING CLIENTS! When you sign up for hourly coaching, you will gain access to directly schedule one hour increments of coaching as often or as little as you would like. This is a great fit for people who are very motivated, well on their way and just need a little nudge. Tineka has the skills and knowledge and strategies to help you navigate and overcome almost any obstacle. She will Motivate, Inspire and Get the ground work laid with you, right there during the session.

Hourly Coaching

A solid hour of ONE on ONE coaching with TINEKA! This is offered via telephone or video, your choice!



The Six Month Power Pack Coaching- Be ready to transform with this six month power pack of coaching. This program is designed to help you recognize your direction, help you set goals and lay down the pavers to success. The six month power pack includes one hour of one on one coaching each week for six consecutive months. While working towards achieving your success, you also get  Tineka’s personal cell phone number to call her anytime you need some reassurance, motivation or help with tough decisions. WHY sign up for six months of coaching ? Life transformations are like building a home, You can have the blue prints, but if you don’t know how to read them, the house will never get built.  Tineka helps you define your blue print for your dream life, She helps create 100% fail safe strategies to ensure you reach that dream life transformation. When  you get to work with her weekly, you stay motivated, you stay on track and you actually see dramatic results. This is ONLY for people who are really READY to Transform.  If you are tired, I mean sick and Tired of where your life is right now, THIS is for you! Through out the six months, you get unlimited email/ text/ messaging support directly from Tineka herself!

SIX Month POWER Pack Transformation

Every single week for Six Straight months, get one on one coaching with TINEKA, ONE HOUR per week AND you get her personal cell phone number to contact her anytime you need a little extra coaching. This includes a Full Transformation Packet that Tineka Personally designed and Uses to achieve her success!



This is a four week writing course designed and instructed by Tineka Dawn herself.

She will guide you from day one to publishing in just 4 Weeks.

Once you sign up, you will receive a welcome letter with an agenda for each week and even micro goals for daily tasks.

Publish ME Immediatly

ONLY ACCEPTING 10 aspiring writers! (Update 6 spots left) This amazing program will take ten aspiring writers through a four week course to begin, write and publish their first book with Amazon. This course begins April 20th and we can only accept 10, make sure you secure your spot immediately. YOU get: Life Coach and Author Tineka Dawn as your Personal instructor and Facilitor and Motivator. She will walk you through all of the steps she took to publish in under 30 days. She will help to tell the tough stories and help you learn more efficient ways to write even if YOU ARE NOT A WRITER! Don't wait, Don't procrastinate, make it happen and ... CONACT US IMMEDIATLY TO GET SECURE YOUR SPOT.


Editor Support

In week 3 and 4 we will be finalizing and editing. If you would like to have Supplemental support from an editor, you can add this to your course! We will only accept payments from those enrolled in the course.



30 for 30 Super Sales Coaching- This incredibly valuable coaching session will double or even triple your monthly sales. Tineka teaches you the tried and true ways to increase your sales dramatically. She will coach you to  90% of potential clients into paying customers or down lines.  The sooner you sign up, the sooner you see more money landing in your wallet!  You pay a steal of a deal, only $30.00

30 for 30 Super SALES Coaching

30 minuets of intensive sales coaching, to help recondition your sales methods. Double your income within 30 days, just for $30.


US and you receive 30 minuets or more, of intensive coaching that will make that $30 back in a few hours then double your income within the first month~

Super sales coaching for employers – Tineka will come in and teach your employees and sales reps multiple strategies to achieve greater sales numbers, more quality returning clients and create new loyal clients. She will coach them on being more effective at communicating and closing and securing accounts. Tineka believes in the power of the sales rep believing in themselves, so their confidence is more alluring and draws the clients in, like moths to a flame!  CONTACT for Pricing packages available!

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Group Coaching- This will be offered at the beginning of Sept 2017

” I’m not here to tell you what you want, I am here to help you get it. I am here to support you as you navigate the pathways to success no matter how you may define it. I have been there done that and probably learned the hard way, so you don’t have to! “-Tineka Dawn

The DAILY message of Motivation!

Three Month Subscription! Every single day receive a Message of Motivation. Tineka Dawn personally sends this message out each day via text, Facebook Messenger or Email. The message will help to keep your motivation up and inspire you to be your best you each day!