Dream Lover

Hello Dream Lover 

“Hope for love, pray for love, wish for love, dream for love…but don’t put your life on hold waiting for love.” ― Mandy Hale 

Online.. what a joke…. BARs? um no!

There is no reason for you to continue wondering ifthe one” really exists! I promise you they do, and through this coaching program we will discover them in less than eight weeks! Yes that Fast! Tineka has spent the last 10+ years learning the hard lessons that go along with relationships and dating as a single mom even! She has the ability to guide you right into the arms of Mr/Mrs Right!

Tineka has read over 200 books about connection, intimacy, relationship building, dating and effective communication! She has navigated plenty of her own relationships, marriages and even divorces. She also works very closely with a clinical mental health therapist! She literally has a plethora of tools to help you! It usually takes her less that 20 min to pin point what has been keeping you single and will effortlessly help you overcome what ever it is and land the one!

One thing about Tineka, is that She HATES only having one option for anything. In such a wonderful wold with unlimited possibilities, she wants to make sure you have a few options! Check them out below!

Dream Lover Group Coaching 

This is a group coaching package that welcomes you into a group of other dream lovers right on facebook! Tineka does a LIVE Video each week on Tuesdays at 9:00pm MST. She will share with you, tips and exercises that will help you get closer and closer to finding the one, maybe even in the group! So fun and exciting, Each person will get to interact and comment, receiving feedback from others and from Life Coach Tineka Dawn. The best part is! Its LESS than $10.00 to be a part of the group and you can remain in it as long as you need to! WOW Heck of a deal!

Dream Lover Group Coaching


Dream Lover Discover Me

If you are really on the brink of giving up and have tried EVERYTHING, This coaching course was created just for you! Literally, Tineka herself went through wanting to give up on love, and nearly did. The day she was certain she was going to just give up already, she came across one last thing to try and it totally worked! ” I remember crying tears of joy when I realized this mas was exactly what I had always dreamed of. At first I was in complete disbelief ” -Tineka Dawn

When you Sign up for the Dream Lover Discover Me Coaching, you will get three one on one calls with Tineka. She will walk you through multiple proven strategies and ensure that you will be ready and meet your ” one” with-in six weeks of completion of program!

Dream Lover Discover Me